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Bugwood Images is a grant-funded project that began in 1994. The website, launched in 2001, has grown and received a great deal of recognition. Bugwood Images provides an easily accessible archive of high quality images for use in educational applications. It is made up of five major website interfaces: ForestryImages, IPMImages, InsectImages, WeedImages, and Invasive.org.

The focus of Bugwood Images is on species of economic concern. Images cover invasive species, forestry, agriculture, integrated pest management, plants, insects, diseases, fungi, wildlife, fire and other natural resource issues. Images are reviewed for content and quality. In most cases, the images found in this system were uploaded to our database by the actual photographers. Images are available freely for educational and non-commercial use, as long as they are cited. Commercial usage is dictated by individual photographers, who retain all rights to images.

  • Bugwood Image Database - a hub for the image database tools and image sites
  • Forestry Images - related to forest health and silviculture
  • Insect Images - related to insects focusing on the organization of images by taxonomic relationships and the type of damage they cause and the various life stages of each species
  • IPM Images - related to Integrated Pest Management of various commodities
  • Weed Images - for use in educational applications
  • Invasive.org - related to identification and management of invasive species


We strive to provide environmentally conscience organizations with professional, easy to manage and use websites. Currently, we manage 90 websites receiving 221 million page views in 2020 from several organizations, universities, and agencies. We have worked to bring awareness and invasive species mapping to other countries across the globe.

iOS and Android Applications

The Center is involved in the design and publication of numerous mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. To date, the Center has published 76 smartphone applications on topics including, but not limited to, reporting broad (e.g., EDDMapS Pro) and specific (e.g., Squeal on Pigs) invasive species as well as pest management and identification (e.g., VegDr). Applications created offer both geographically defined (e.g., IveGot1, Great Lakes Vegetables) and wide-ranging (e.g., Wild Spotter, Forest Insect Pests) options. Mobile applications engage users with topics related to invasive species, forest health, natural resource and agricultural management.

73 applications have been download over 47,000 times in 2020 alone.

View all apps currently available from the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at Bugwood Apps.

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