Bugwood Presents was started by the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health in 2011 to provide an easily accessible archive of high-quality presentations for use in educational applications. The focus of Bugwood Presents is on species of economic concern. Presentations cover invasive species, forestry, agriculture, integrated pest management, plants, insects, diseases, fungi, wildlife, fire, and other natural resource issues, and are reviewed for content and quality.

If you would like add your presentation(s), click the "Start Uploading" button on the Bugwood Presents home page.

EDDMapS Data

EDDMapS is a way to keep track of the invasive species. By submitting data, you are helping to control invasives that have become a problem or those that have the potential to. Users enter information from their observations into EDDMapS either via the EDDMapS site or one of the EDDMapS apps. Data entered is immediately loaded to EDDMapS, allowing real-time tracking of species. All data is reviewed by state verifiers to ensure all data is accurate. The data is made freely available to scientists, researchers, land managers, landowners, educators, conservationists, ecologists, farmers, foresters, state and national parks. To upload your observations, click the "Report Sightings" tab on the website and select your state/region or download an EDDMapS app.


The majority of the images in the Bugwood Image Database belong to the photographers or organization responsible for taking the photos. A few photographers have chosen to donate the commercial rights from their images to the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health. This allows the Center to charge a fee for commercial use of the images. This revenue helps to support center operations. If you wish to donate the commercial rights for your images to the Center, contact Joseph LaForest to find out more details and about the process and begin the process of donating the commercial rights. If you would like to upload your images without donating your commercial rights to the database, visit and click the "Upload Images" section.