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Forest Pest Control

Douce, G.K., Moorhead, D.J., and Bargeron, C.T., Forest Pest Control, The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Special Bulletin 16, Revised January 2002.

Chapter Contributions by:
G. Keith Douce - Extension Entomologist
David J. Moorhead - Extension Forester
Paul E. Sumner - Extension Engineer
Ed A. Brown - Extension Plant Pathologist
Jeff J. Jackson - Extension Wildlife Specialist

Table of Contents

Forest Resources
  Major Species
  Major Forest Types
  Seed Orchard Production
  Tree Nurseries
Principles of Forest Pest Management
  Losses Caused by Forest Insects
  Bark Beetles
  Boring Insects
  Chewing Insects
  Defoliating Insects
  Sucking Insects
  Insects in Seed Orchards and Forest Nurseries
  Root/Butt Diseases
  Stem Decays/Cankers
  Foliage Diseases
Vertebrate Pests
Vegetation Control
  Pesticide Application
    Environmental Concerns
    Application Terminology
    Application Methods
Other Considerations
  Beneficial Forest Insects
  Prescribed Burning
  Endangered Species Act
References and Suggested Reading
Appendix: Sprayer Calibration


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