The Bugwood Network
Longleaf Pine Container Production Workshop Proceedings - 2001
Longleaf Pine Container Production Workshop Proceedings - 1999

Introduction to Forest Nursery Management
Forest Nursery Pests
Diseases in Container Tree Nurseries
    Grey Mold
    Fusarium Root Rot
    Water Molds

    Practical Guidelines for Producing Longleaf Pine Seedlings in Containers
    Longleaf Pine: Cone Collection and Seed Conditioning Guidelines
    Monitoring and Adjusting Soluble Salts and pH
    Measuring Soluble Salts and pH with the Pour-Through Method
    The Natural Georgia Series: The Fire Forest, Longleaf Pine-Wiregrass Ecosystem
    Freezing of longleaf pine seedlings
    Drip Chemigation: Injecting Fertilizer, Acid and Chlorine
    The Container Tree Nursery Manual
    Woody Plant Seed Manual
    Growing Oak Trees From Seeds
    The Hardwood Nursery Guide

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