Longleaf Management

Economics of Fertization in Longleaf Pine Stands

Effect of Lime Stabilized Biosolids and Inorganic Fertilizer Applications on Soil and Foliar Nutrient Status, Growth, Pine Straw Production, and Economics in a Thinned Longleaf Pine Stand – Ten-Year Results

First Year Post-plant Banded Over-the-top Herbaceous Weed Control in Old-field Planted Longleaf Stands in Georgia - The Laurens, Jenkins and Treutlen County Study Results and Recommendations - 8 year Results

Herbicides to Enhance Pine Straw Production by Minimizing Competition in Longleaf Pine Stands after the Establishment Phase

Lime Stabilized Biosolids, Pelletized Broiler Litter, and Inorganic Fertilizer Applications in a 1986 planted, unthinned Longleaf Pine Stand

Longleaf Mean Annual Increment Curves in Planted Stands in the West Gulf Region

Longleaf Pine – Growth and Yields and Mean Annual Increments in Planted Stands from the Western Gulf Region, South Carolina and Georgia Long-term Studies

Longleaf Pine Stand Fertization

Longleaf Site Index Curves in Planted Stands

Mowing to Prepare for Pine Straw Raking and Production by Creating Access and Reducing Competition Heights in Longleaf Stands after the Establishment Phase

Planting 1-0 and 2-0 Containerized Longleaf Seedlings – Georgia Field Trial Results and Recommendations

Results and Recommendations from Longleaf Interplanting Trials in Georgia

Stem Quality Summary for Old-field Planted, Unthinned Longleaf Stands in Georgia