About this Site

In the last decade, dramatic changes have occurred in the ownership of forestland across the nation, and particularly in the Southeastern states. The driving force behind these changes is the divesting of forest industry of their lands which have been sold and are now owned by private non-industrial landowners.

The purpose of the Georgia Forest Productivity Publication Series website is to provide forest landowners and managers with up-to-date, science-based information focused on silvicultural practices that improve tree survival and growth. The publications available on this website are the results of field studies and demonstrations. The information is intended to guide and support best management decisions on forestlands by landowners and forest managers. The authors of this website recommend contacting your state agency service forester, a consulting forester, Extension forester, or forest industry landowner assistance forester before implementing silvicultural practices. Each tract of forestland is different and should be evaluated on an individual basis.

The documents available on this website are available in PDF format and can be downloaded or printed from the site. A citation is provided on the last page of each document if the user references the document.