Widely Prevalent Species

The Widely Prevalent projects are updated by regional coordinators around the country. In addition to providing information for plant pathologists and diagnosticians, the lists are used by APHIS-PPQ to develop a list of organisms that are common in each state to help expedite the permitting process for obtaining research isolates. The APHIS-PPQ list will be available on the APHIS website.

A "Widely Prevalent" organism is an organism that:

  • Would raise no new regulatory concerns at the State or Federal level if it was identified
  • Is widely distributed in any given five year period in the State where the host plant(s) is grown. It does not have to be widely prevalent every year at every location

Widely Prevalent Sites

Widely Prevalent Fungi
Widely Prevalent Bacteria
Widely Prevalent Viruses
Widely Prevalent Nematodes

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