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Douce, G.K., Moorhead, D.J., and Bargeron, C.T., Forest Pest Control, The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Special Bulletin 16, Revised January 2002.


Funds for the electronic aspects of this project were provided by USDA CSREES Southern Region Forest Pesticide Applicator Training Grant 95-EPAP-1-0001 to The University of Georgia. Funds for printing of the hardcopy manual were provided by The University of Georgia Department of Entomology Pesticide Applicators Training Program, Dr. Paul Guillebeau, PAT Coordinator.

This manual was adapted from Douce, G.K., D.J. Moorhead, P.E. Sumner, E.A. Brown and J.J. Jackson. 1993. Forest Pest Control. Univ. GA, Coop. Ext. Serv., Athens, GA. Spec. Bull. 16. 31 p.

Computer systems’ requirements for successful use of the electronic manual are:
  Recommended --
    Pentium II 400mhz with 64 Megabytes of RAM and 8x or higher CD player, monitor and video card capable of thousands of colors, and mouse.
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater; or Netscape Navigator 4.5 or greater is requred to run CD-ROM version or view Web version.

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