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Installation of Kodak PhotoCD Access 3.1 software for Windows 95/98/NT Computers

  1. Insert CD ROM in CD Player
  2. Go to Start menu
  3. Choose Run
  4. In the open box type in the letter of the CD Player (probably D) followed by :\apps\acc3_1\access31.exe
  5. Now click OK
  6. When the box comes up click Unzip
  7. After it finishes unzipping click OK
  8. Then click Close
  9. Return to Start menu and click on Run
  10. In the open box type in c:\access31\strat\win\software\access\setup.exe
  11. Then click OK
  12. In the welcome box click Next
  13. In the select components box click Next
  14. In the choose destination location box click Next
  15. Then click OK
  16. You may at this point choose Yes or No on the readme file
  17. To run the software go to the Start menu and under Programs click on Access 3.1
  18. Choose the File menu and click on Load Contact sheet
  19. When the window comes up click OK
  20. Double click on the photo you want to view

Recommended Hardware Configuration:

  • 120 MHz Pentium or better
  • 32 MB RAM
  • SVGA video card and monitor
  • Hard disk with 75 MB free space
  • 4X speed Photo-CD-compatible CD drive
  • WINDOWS 95, WINDOWS 98 or WINDOWS NT software

Always set your Display Properties, Settings to High Color (16-bit) or True Color (24 or 32 bit) for best results.

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