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Forest Pest of North America IPM PhotoCD

Three Volume Set - 100 images per Volume in Kodak Photo CD format. One hundred and fifty forest disease and one hundred and fifty forest insect images.

The full-color booklet included with the jewel case contains:

    Thumbnail photos of the images
    Scientific and common names
    Image descriptions
    Photographer's name and affiliation

Images may be used freely for non-profit educational purposes when accompanied by an appropriate copyright notice

The images may be used with any software which supports the Photo CD (.PCD) format

Kodak Access software (included) works with:

    Windows PC
    Photo CD players

The full-color Photo CD images may be viewed or exported at any of five different resolutions from
128 x 192 pixels to 2048 x 3072 pixels.

The three disc set is available for $45 (U.S.) including shipping. There is an additional shipping charge for international orders.

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