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Development and Application of CD-Rom Based Forest Management Information for Training Private Forest Landowners and Professional Resource Managers


David J. Moorhead - Professor of Forestry, The University of Georgia
G. Keith Douce - Professor of Entomology, The University of Georgia

In R. Beck, ed. Proceedings of Approaches to Extension Forestry: Experiences and Future Developments. Freising, Germany. International Union of Forestry Research Organizations Working Party S6.06-03 No. 1, 1996.


Innovative educational approaches can expand opportunities to reach and impact clientele.  Development of CD ROM technology and use on most current computer platforms introduces exciting opportunities for development and application of educational materials to clients served by Extension Forest Resources programs at The University of Georgia.  CDs allow high quality images, limited video footage, and graphics to be integrated with text to develop expanded training materials and programs.  The CDs can be used in several ways to deliver educational programs.  In lieu of traditional slide programs, specialists can use a CD equipped laptop computer and digital projector for CD based presentations to combine the graphics with still and video images in concise form to reinforce salient points and procedures.  The greatest flexibility is for clients to use CDs for self tutorials and reference on their computers at home or work.  In Georgia, CDs are being developed for use in educational program areas for training forest landowners and natural resource managers. The Master Timber Harvester Program is a statewide educational effort to train the state's 2,500 loggers and procurement foresters in sustainable forest harvesting operations.  This program uses the interactive electronic classrooms of the Georgia State-wide Academic and Medical System (GSAMS) network. Four-day training sessions are held at various sites throughout the state.  Specialists present their program segments from central access sites and can interact with students at the remote sites via live video/audio links. One training module in this program deals with silvicultural concepts and systems as they relate to harvesting.  A CD is being developed which details harvesting-related silvicultural terms, intermediate treatments, regeneration systems, and specific management treatments for insects and diseases.  The CD makes extensive use of color graphics, photos, and short video clips to relate concepts to the logging audience.  Other CD development projects include prescribed fire training for landowners and recertification materials for professionals, and diagnosis of pine plantation establishment problems.

Key Words: Silviculture, electronic classroom, forest harvesting, prescribed fire, forest pests.

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