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Use Of CD-ROMs To Provide A Repertoire Of Forest IPM Digital Information To Clientele And User Groups


G. Keith Douce, Professor of Entomology, The University of Georgia
David J. Moorhead, Professor of Forestry, The University of Georgia
Brian T. Watson, Computer Services Specialist, The University of Georgia

In R. Beck, ed. Proceedings of Approaches to Extension Forestry: Experiences and Future Developments. Freising, Germany. International Union of Forestry Research Organizations Working Party S6.06-03 No. 1, 1996.


Proper management decisions relating to forest insects and disease organisms must be based upon identification of the organism(s) and an understanding of the ecosystem biology. Since insects and forest pathogens are small, diverse and varied, the availability of good pictures greatly aids in their identification. However, ready access to good pictures of these organisms and their damage has been a problem for many people. Although the Internet and the World Wide Web provides exciting opportunities to deliver timely and quality information, many users are still accessing the Web via dial-up communications, which severely limits the ability to transmit the large file sizes common with quality, color images. With the expanded availability of multimedia-capable computers and the evolution of the Internet there is great potential to provide images and appropriate supportive materials to groups needing this information. To address this need, we have begun a series of projects that have/will culminate in the formation of an archive of high quality forestry-related images and subsequent release of subsets of these images in consumer-ready Photo CD digital format. This paper is based upon projects in which we have, are or will be using digital images of forest pests. Already released in cooperation with The U.S. Southern Forest Insect Work Conference is Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin 383 which contains two hundred (200) digital pictures of many southern forest insects and their damage. SCS 383 is shipped with Eastman Kodak's Access software and is available for $ 25 (U.S.) plus shipping for international orders. For information on SCS Bulletin 383 and other projects, visit our World Wide Web site at:

Keywords: Forest IPM, forest insects, forest pathogens, multimedia, digital images.

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