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Collection, Development and Delivery of Forest Integrated Pest Management Images via CD-ROM


G. Keith Douce, Professor of Entomology, The University of Georgia
David J. Moorhead, Professor of Forestry, The University of Georgia
Brian T. Watson, Computer Services Specialist, The University of Georgia

In F.S. Zazueta, ed. Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Computers in Agriculture Cancun, Mexico. American Society of Agricultural Engineers. ASAE Pub. 701P0396. June 1996


Evolving multimedia computer technology including the World Wide Web (WWW) provides exciting possibilities for information transfer and delivery. However, current communication capabilities can limit effective transfer of information via the WWW, particularly materials that contain high-quality, large file size color images. Limitations on image transfer is of particular concern when dealing with the numerous and complex assemblage of insects and pathogenic organisms present in forested environments. The small size and varied impact of insects and pathogens on trees require extensive knowledge and the availability of high-quality, high resolution pictures and drawings for proper identification. Unfortunately, forest workers often receive limited insect and pathology training. Additionally, due to shrinking budgets, publications containing high-quality, color photographs are becoming increasingly scarce or are, practically speaking, unavailable. This paper will report on a project dealing with the collection dissemination of images pertinent to national (U.S.) Forest Integrated Pest Management via CD-ROM.

Keywords: Forest IPM, forest insects, forest pathogens, multimedia, digital images

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