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"Load Contact Sheet" Error

Creating an icon in Windows 3.x

Placing an image in a WordPerfect 6.1 document

"Load Contact Sheet" Error

If your computer freezes when using the "Loading Contact Sheet" command in Kodak's Access software, Kodak has provided the following solution:

   1.Exit Windows
   2.At the C:\>, type "edit autoexec.bat"
   3.Look for the line containing the "Smartdrv.exe" command
   4.Insert a blank at the end of the "Smartdrv.exe" line and then type "/U"
   5.Select File, then Save
   6.Select File, then Exit
   7.Reboot your computer
   8.Enter Access and attempt loading the contact sheet again

Note: If this does not work, try replacing "/U" with "D-" (assuming that D is the letter representing your CD-ROM drive).

If this does not solve your problem, contact Brian Watson at 912-386-3424 or via e-mail.

Creating an icon in Windows 3.x

To create an icon for Forest Insects and Their Damage:

  1. Decide which PROGRAM GROUP you want to place the icon in and open that group, or create a new PROGRAM GROUP as explained in the "Creating a New  PROGRAM GROUP" section below
  2. Follow the directions in the "Creating the Icon" section below

Creating a New PROGRAM GROUP

  1. With all other groups closed, select FILE
  2. Select NEW
  3. Choose PROGRAM GROUP and then OK
  4. For the Description type "Forest Insects & Their Damage" and then choose OK
  5. Your new group will appear

Creating the Icon

  1. With one of the Photo CDs in your CD-ROM drive, select FILE
  2. Select NEW
  3. Choose PROGRAM ITEM and then OK
  4. In the Program Item Properties window:                                                                 a.      In the Description box type "Forest Insects Vol. I and II"
    b.      For the Command Line type X:\DEMOS\WIN\ACCESS\PCDVIEW.EXE
              where X represents the letter of your CD-ROM drive (typically D)
    c.      Select CHANGE ICON, choose the icon that you like, and then OK
    d.      Select OK in the Program Item Properties window to create the item
  5. You will get a message that reads: "The specified path points to a file that may    not be available during later Windows sessions. Do you want to continue?"  Choose YES

You will now have a Windows icon that allows easy access to Forest Insects and Their Damage. Please remember to have one of the Photo CDs in your CD-ROM drive before attempting to use this icon.

* The information given here is based upon our experiences with Windows versions 3.1 and 3.11. We will make no claims as to the compatibility of Kodak's Access software with other versions of Windows (including Windows 95). We have been informed that this version of Access has been used successfully with Windows 95, although it may be necessary to create a separate icon for each CD.

Placing an image in a WordPerfect 6.1 document

Since WordPerfect currently will not import Photo CD images directly. Anyone wishing to use these images in a WordPerfect document will have to do the

  1. Run the Kodak Access software that is supplied with Forest Insects and Their Damage
  2. Select FILE and then LOAD CONTACT SHEET
  3. Select the image that you want to use by clicking on it once
  4. Select FILE and then EXPORT PHOTO(S)
  5. When the "Export Photo to File" Window appears
    a.     Select the SIZE, COLOR, and FORMAT that you want to use
            (I suggest that if you are going to print your WordPerfect document
            using a laser printer, you use size=512x768, color=256 grays, and
    b.     In the "Directories:" box, choose the directory that you want to save
            the file to (For example: If you want to save the file on your hard drive,
            double-click on [-c-] and then double-click on the subdirectories until
            you reach the one that you want to save the file to)
    c.     Enter the filename that you want to give the image into the "Export
            Filename" box (It is best if you do not give the file an extension, Access
            will do that for you)
    d.     Click on OK and the image will be saved to the file
  6. Enter WordPerfect and open the document into which you want to place the image
  7. Select GRAPHICS then IMAGE
  8. Find the file that you have just created, click once on it, and then click on OK
  9. The image will now appear in your document
  10. Refer to your WordPerfect manual for instructions on how to size, place, add a caption to, and wrap text around the image
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