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Proceedings of the Longleaf Pine Container Production Workshop - 1999

Barnett, J.P. (ed.) 1999. Proceedings of the Longleaf Pine Container Production Workshop. Sept. 22-23, 1999. Jesup, GA. USDA Forest Service and University of Georgia.


Purpose of Meeting and Role of the Longleaf Alliance - Dean Gjerstad

Longleaf Pine: Why plant it? Why use containers? - James Barnett

Longleaf Pine Seed Trends - Mark Hainds

Water Quality - John Ruter and Dave Moorhead

Seed Quality and Preparation - Bob Karfalt

Activities that increase germination and establishment of longleaf pine in containers - James Barnett

Nursery Culture

Irrigation and fertilization; type, rate, and frequency of application - Thomas Starkey

Pest control for container grown longleaf pine - Scott Enebak and Bill Carey

Handling and Planting Recommendations

Prevention of cold damage to container grown longleaf pine roots - Richard W. Tinus, Mary A. Sword, and James P. Barnett

Field planting containerized longleaf pine seedlings - Dale R. Larson

Panel Discussion of Problems and Successes

Experience of a small grower - Emmet Jordon

Experience of a large grower - Tim Pittman

An outside perspective on growing longleaf pine - thoughts and possible helpful hints from a nursery manager in the Pacific Northwest - R. Kasten Dumrose

Business Operations

Containerized nursery start up costs - Mike Edwards

Marketing and seedling distribution - Mark Hainds


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