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Insect Pests of Christmas Trees

H C Ellis – Extension Entomologist, The University of Georgia

Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The University of Georgia Bulletin 1076, June 1992, 12 pp.

Christmas trees are subject to attack by a number of insects and mites. Some are mainly nuisance pests while others can kill trees or severely reduce tree quality. The type, frequency and severity of insect attack normally varies with host, location and season, but virtually every Christmas tree planting will have some type of insect problem between establishment and harvest.

To produce healthy, well-formed, marketable trees, growers must be able to identify and deal with the insect problems they are likely to encounter. This reference publication has been prepared to assist in that task. It describes the tree injury, appearance, life history, biology and control of some of the major insect pests of Christmas trees in Georgia.

Specific chemical controls are not presented in this publication. Chemical control information can be found in The Georgia Pest Control Handbook, available from the Agricultural Business Office, Cooperative Extension Service, Room 203, Conner Hall, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602.

Table of Contents

Shoot, Limb and Trunk Pests
  Pine Tip Moths
  Dioryctria Spp.
  Black Turpentine Beetle
  Pales & Pitch-Eating Weevil
  White Pine Weevil
  Deodar Weevil
  Pine Webworm
  Pine Colaspis
  Pine Chafer
Sucking Insects
  Pine Needle Scale
  Pine Tortoise Scale
  Pine Spittlebug
References and Pesticide Precautions

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