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International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods

1st International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods. USDA-Forest Service FHTET-03-05. June 2003.


Credit is due to the following participants in organizing the symposium:

Organizing Committee: Thanks go to Don Sands, Tom Bellows, Mark Hoddle, Kevin Hackett, Kevin Heinz, Richard Reardon who worked with Roy Van Driesche to organize the meeting. Also special thanks to all sessions leaders for recruiting speakers.

Local Arrangements: Thanks go to Marshall Johnson who make the many local contacts for the hotel, meals and trips, with assistance from Russell Messing

Financial Support: Thanks go to the USDA ARS (Kevin Hackett) and APHIS (NBCI) for financial support for the meeting (used to provide travel assistance), Academic Press (Biological Control journal) to support the Sunday night mixer, USDA Forest Service (Richard Readon, FHTET) for publishing the proceedings of the meeting, and INTECS International (Mark Riffe, FHTET) for the layout of the proceedings.

Regional Coordinators: Thanks go to the “Regional Coordinators” who promoted awareness of the meeting among biological control workers in specific geographic areas: (1) Europe and Russia, Ullie Kuhlmann, Cabi-Bioscience; (2) South and Central America, Elizabeth DeNardo; (3) U.S., Canada and Mexico, Mark Hoddle, UC Riverside, CA, USA; (4) Japan-Masami Takagi, Kyushu University; (5) China, Dr. Da-Wei Huang; (6) Southeast Asia-Banpot Napompeth, NBCRC, Kasetsart University; (7) Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Don Sands, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia; (8) The Middle East, Moshe Coll, Rehovot, Israel; and (9) Africa, Peter Neuenschwander (IITA).

Publicity: Thanks go to Tom Bellows who designed and printed the brochure for the meeting and Walker Jones and Mark Hoddle who send advertisements to journals and email mail lists to promote the meeting.

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