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Pesticide Use – Records and Reports

As the old saying goes – "No job is done till the paperwork is done."

Federal requirements

  • Restricted-use pesticides
    • To purchase you will need your RUP Applicator Card
    • Required to keep a record of what product, how much used, where and when for 2 years
    • The good news is that we do not use (m)any RUPs

Certified Pesticide Applicator Card

Federal requirements

  • Non-Restricted-use pesticides
    • No federal (FIFRA) requirements to fulfill
    • However, there is a bit of FS paperwork
      • FS 2100-2 Proposal of the use of pesticides
      • FS 2100- Project pesticide use report
      • FS 2100-1 Annual pesticide use report

FS 2100-2: Pesticide Use Proposal

R8 2100-1: Pesticide treatment and evaluation report

Annual Pesticide-use Report (formerly FS 2100-1)

Annual Pesticide-use Report (or a different view / screen)

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