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Aquatic Herbicides

An overview of the herbicides permitted for use in Region 8 aquatic applications

Aquatic Vegetation

Acre Foot

A measure of Water:
1 surface acre in area X 1 foot deep = 43,560 square feet X 1 foot = 43,560 cubic feet.


From "Chela" – a lobsterlike claw
When an ion is held to two other non-metal ions in a ring compound by coordinate bonds.

More simply – though less accurately
An ion held to - but not part of - another chemical compound.

Copper Compounds

Copper compound formulations

Copper compounds summary


2,4-D formulations

2,4-D summary


Diquat formulations

Diquat summary


Endothall formulations

Endothall summary


Fluridone formulations

Fluridone summary


Glyphosate formulation

Rotenone (a piscicide)

Rotenone formulations

Rotenone summary

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