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An overview of the herbicides permitted for use in Region 8 forestry applications


Clopyralid formulation

Clopyralid summary


Dicamba formulation

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Glyphosate formulations

Glyphosate summary


Hexazinone formulations

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Imazapyr formulations

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Metsulfuron methyl

Metsulfuron methyl formulation

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Picloram formulation

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Weaknesses or Limitations
Picloram is a very low-risk herbicide with regard to human health, but it has a high risk of off-site movement and a great potential to damage non-target plants over an extended period of time. Tordon K is a restricted-use herbicide. Use is not permitted by some Forest Supervisors.

Pesticide formulations or tank mixes containing picloram and 2,4-D display a synergism which produces a poison ivy-like rash in some individuals.

Anyone displaying such symptoms should be relieved from working with these products.

Sulfometuron methyl

Sulfometuron methyl formulation

Sulfometuron methyl summary


Triclopyr formulations

Triclopyr summary

Primary Forestry Uses
Garlon 3A is used as an injection or cut-surface treatment in site preparation and release, and as a foliar spray in rights-of-way or for hardwood control in conifer plantations. Efficacy of Garlon 3A is increased, and application rate reduced, by tank mixing with imazapyr. Some tank mixes with Glyphosate are also effective.

Garlon 4 is used as a basal bark (streamline application) treatment for selective control of individual stems in either pine or hardwood management. It may also be used as an emulsion in a water-based foliar spray for control of either pines or hardwoods. Efficacy of Garlon 4 may be enhanced and rates reduced by tank mixing with imazapyr [Chopper].

Pathfinder II is used primarily in right-of-way applications, but may also be used as a selective basal bark treatment (streamline application) in forestry applications.

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