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The Region 8 Label Book

An introduction to its contents


  • Introduction: How to use this book
  • Index – to products and subjects

Reference materials

Reference Materials: Summary of registered uses

Reference Materials: Summary of application timing

Terrestrial uses
Aquatic uses

Reference Materials: Internet help

Reference Materials: Weights and measures tables

Reference Materials: Calibration formulae

Reference Materials: MSDS: A guide to its content

Residue Tolerances

Worker Protection Standard

Worker Protection Standard: EPA: Basic Principles

Worker Protection Standard: WPS requirement summary

Worker Protection Standard: The Standard

NEPA letters

Letters modifying or explaining VMFEIS requirements

NEPA letters: Index

NEPA letters: Revised (VMFEIS) application rate limits

NEPA letters:

  • Glyphosate: Supplemental risk assessment
  • Reinstatement of aerial application of herbicides (AM then CPP)
  • Revision of triclopyr rates (O/O)
  • Clarification – mitigation for sensitive species
  • Revision of triclopyr and hexazinone rates (AM & CPP)
  • Direction – Use of soil-active herbicides & diesel oil

Glossary of terms and acronyms of importance

Labels & MSDSs

A compilation of labels and MSDSs for herbicides and adjuvants potentially used in the Southern Region – these will be discussed individually.

Review of the contents of the summary sheets

Label book summary sheets:

Several categories of environmental behavior are included in the summaries which precede each chemical presented in the Region-8 Label Book Information includes:

  • Common and brand names
  • Mode of action
  • Selectivity
  • Soil activity and mobility
  • Persistence and breakdown
  • Toxicity to humans and wildlife
  • Application timing
  • Weaknesses or limitations

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