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Why am I in this presentation?

I want to know how to apply pesticides safely, legally, and with the least possible environmental impact

Text - #1

Text - #2(Spanish Version)

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Text - #4

You also will be using

And also, we’ll use

And also, we’ll use

And also, we’ll use

And also, we’ll use

Two other books readily available to you

What are you going to do here?

  • Listen to lots of lecture
  • Take a note or two
  • Read, read, and read some more
  • Take tests & hopefully pass them
  • Get certified under FIFRA as a Forest Service Certified Pesticide Applicator

What do I get?

(Southern Region F.S. employees only without special arrangements)

  • Certification (your card) is good only on Federal lands
  • Forest Service or other Federal, where accepted (with limitations discussed later)
  • Private applicators must be state certified
  • Responsibility
  • Civil & criminal penalties are included in FIFRA and courts have established that personal liability applies

What else do I get?

Powerpoint Poisoning

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