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Georgia 4-H Forestry Field Day Manual

Lonnie E. Varnedoe, Public Service Assistant, The University of Georgia
Kim D. Coder, Professor of Forestry, The University of Georgia
David J. Moorhead, Professor of Forestry, The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia, Extension Forest Resources, Bulletin FOR96-029, 1996, 52 pp.

General Rules and Regulations: Georgia 4-H Forestry Field Days

I. Contestants and Eligibility

  1. Each county is allowed to bring up to 10 (ten) senior and 10 (ten) junior contestants to district/regional competition. At district/regional contests, only the top three scores within the senior and junior divisions for any one county will be recorded. The top three scorers from a county will comprise all or part of the county team sent on to state competition (if selected for state competition). A team will consist of no less than three and no more than four entrants who are 4-H members in their county during the current year.
  2. All senior level contestants must have passed their 14th birthday on or before December 31 of the preceding year, and must not have passed their 19th birthday on January 1 of the contest year.
  3. An individual may enter the National 4-H Forestry Invitational event only once.
  4. All contestants must meet all rules and regulations put forward in the current Georgia 4-H Project Award Guidebook available in each county.

II. General Contest Rules

  1. Only contestants and designated officials shall be on or within the perimeter of an event. Once a contestant has started an event, he/she will not be allowed to talk with anyone other than a designated official until completion of that particular event. In team events, team members may openly discuss tasks and solutions.
  2. A team may be composed of either three or four members. Team scores will be based on the three highest scoring team members in each contest area. Individual contestants with the highest score will also be selected and recognized.
  3. Each team member will bring a clipboard or writing board, pencil, tree scale stick, compass and calculator. Contestants are encouraged to wear field clothing.
  4. Behavior becoming 4-Hers and citizens of the Great State of Georgia will be expected at all times.
  5. It is expected that all team members participate in all events to the best of their abilities and talents.
  6. The forestry judges reserve the right to remove from competition, contest, venues, and from contest participation any and all contestants, leaders, volunteers, spectators, or teams at his/her discretion.
  7. The decisions of the judges are final.

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